Once a PC reaches level 3, they begin to gain levels as a Champion. This advancement happens in parallel with their normal class levels, and no special additional training is required beyond the usual Domain Turn spent using Go Up a Level action.

The abilities of a Champion are a natural outgrowth of their existing talents, and gradually enhance the PC’s value and importance to the Domain that might enlist their aid. When a PC gains a Champion level, they are allowed to choose a special ability from the list provided below.

Some abilities have certain class or level prerequisites, while others can be taken by any Champion.

The same ability cannot be chosen twice.

A Domain can only benefit once from a special power or value bonus granted by an ability. If two powerful PC fighters both aid the same kingdom, their Martial Glory ability applies only once. If the ability grants a free Asset, such as a cleric’s Faithful Disciples ability, the ability may be applied more than once if sufficient valid locations are available. Two clerics could both found Shrines, for example, provided that there were two locations in the Domain that were valid for placement of the Asset.

Champions on the Battlefield

Champions on the Battlefield

Champion Levels

Immediately upon reaching first level as a Champion, a PC may choose one allowable ability from the list below. Some abilities have class or Champion level prerequisites. At the DM’s discretion, these prerequisites might be waived if a particular talent is exceptionally appropriate for a character who otherwise would not be able to obtain it.

In addition, a new Champion (level 3) gains an automatic benefit based
upon their class.

Class Ability Bonus Ability
FighterMartial Glory
WizardStudious Apprentices
RunepriestFaithful Disciples
BattlemindFearless Exemplar

Ability List

note that this list is far from complete with a few more items still “in the works.” This is of course untested, but as it doesn’t impact the core 4E game, if something’s a problem it should only break Domain related stuff (and we’ll attempt to fix).

AdministratorAny+2 Wealth and Social for one Town or City.
GeneralAny+2 Military and Social for one Town or City.
StrategistAny+2 Military and Wealth for one Town or City.
Agile TacticsAnyPC and attached unit never need to make fighting withdrawals.
Arrow DeflectionAnyPC and unit take half damage from normal missile attacks.
AssassinStriker RoleGrant Assassin quality to attached units.
Battlefield ArcanaArcane,Divine,Primal | ControllerCan grant War Magic quality to attached units.
BlessedDivineCan grant Divine Favor once per battle.
ElvenkindElf,EladrinGain the Elvenkind domain custom.
CountermagicDivine,Arcane,PrimalGrant Countermagic quality to attached unit.
CourageousLeaderCan grant the Rally ability once per battle.
Dwarf FriendDwarfGain the Dwarf Friend domain custom.
Dragonborn ClutchmatesDragonbornGain three units of Dragonborn Warriors with no upkeep.
EvasiveStrikerPC immune to AoE damage while attached to a unit.
Faithful DisciplesDivine,PrimalGain a Shrine in a suitable location.
Fearless ExemplarDefender, LeaderGrants +2 Morale to attached unit.
Financial GeniusAnyGain Merchant +3 quality.
Furious SorceryArcane/ControllerBattlefield spellcasting does +5 damage and gains Combat Advantage.
Disciple of the LightAny(Light)Attached unit does maximum damage against undead creatures.
Guild CompanionsMartial/StrikerGain two units of Rangers and one Assassin, all with no upkeep.
Healing MightLeaderAllow attached unit to spend a healing surge, twice per battle.
HeroLevel 5Your PC is treated as a Hero on the battlefield.
InspiringAnyGain the Prophet +3 quality.
Invincible HeroLevel 8,HeroTake half damage from all military unit melee attacks, rounded down.
Judicious MindAnyGain the Magistrate +3 quality.
Last Ditch DefenderDefenderGrants Diehard to an attached unit.
LuckyAnyGain +4 bonus to Value Checks you make.
Martial GloryMartial+4 Military Value
Military AcumenFighterOnce per Domain Turn, automatically lessen a Military Obstacle’s level by 1.
Overwhelming SorceryArcane/ControllerBattlefield magic attacks Daze target.
PeacemakerInspiring or Judicious MindOnce per Domain Turn, automatically lessen a Social Obstacle’s level by 1.
Profitable SidelineAnyGain 1 point of Treasure each Domain Turn.
RelentlessDefenderPC and attached unit gain Resist 5 all.
SagaciousAnyGain the Sage +3 quality.
ShieldbearerMartial/DefenderPCs and Support units in attached unit always make Saving Throw.
Skilled ApprenticesArcaneGain three War Mage support units with no upkeep.
StealthStealth-roleThe PC and any attached unit gains the Stealth quality.
Jester’s Network ConnectionsRogue/Any+4 Wealth value
Studious ApprenticesArcaneGain a School in a suitable location.
Vigilant GuardsmanAnyGain the Guardsman +3 quality.
Honor GuardMartialGain a unit of Mounted Knights with no upkeep.
Men-At-ArmsAnyGain 4 units of Light Infantry with no upkeep.
WealthbringerSagacious or Financial GeniusOnce per domain turn, automatically lessen a Wealth obstacle’s level by 1.
Zealous FollowersDivineGain a unit of Foot Knights and a Holy Priest, both with no upkeep.
LeadershipAny+4 Social value.


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