Champions on the Battlefield

Several of the Champion abilities allow the PC to grant special benefits to a unit when engaging in Mass Combat. The PC is treated as a Support element, and can be attached to any suitable unit. Most often the PC is the commander of the group and responsible for their leadership in battle. Advantages granted by Champion abilities can only be applied once to any given unit- two PCs with the same ability cannot double up on the same unit.

If the unit is destroyed in combat, a PC must make a successful Saving Throw or suffer significant healing surge loss. If the PC survives, they’re left somewhere within the nearby area of the slaughter, and their activities beyond this point can be handled under normal game rules. There are a lot of fleeing victims from a shattered unit, and most enemy units will not intentionally pursue the PC unless they are somehow conspicuous in the press. PCs who survive to reach a friendly unit can join up under the usual mass combat rules for attaching Support elements to a unit.

Some Champions may eventually acquire the special ability that transforms them into Heroes. These titans of battle are able to smash whole armies of lesser mortals with their invincible blades and terrifying ferocity. A Hero is a one-man regiment. While they can attach themselves to normal units, they are also able to operate independently on the battlefield. If their unit is destroyed, they need not make a Saving Throw, but instead take maximum damage (as if Critted) from the attack that smashed the unit. Whether attached or independent, they can launch their own attacks and the damage they do can wipe out whole squads of enemy troops. The heroic PC may not have personally eviscerated every one of the hundred common troops in the unit, but by the time he’s rampaged through their ranks like an invincible juggernaut, the unit is totally broken.

Heroes do have their limits, however, and when facing vast numbers of foes it’s inevitable that a few of them are going to get lucky. When attacked by a full military unit, a Hero takes Critical Hit damage from any hits the unit might land. Even if the unit misses, the Hero takes normal damage. A few advanced abilities might offer some protection even against these tides of desperate steel. PCs aren’t the only Heroes on a battlefield. Titanic monsters or ferocious enemy NPCs might also qualify as such.

Champions on the Battlefield

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