There are six types of Obstacles, two for each Value

  • Military
    • Uprising, representing the use of military force to overcome a problem
    • Disorder, indicating the employment of a more subtle policing technique when a clear enemy is lacking.
  • Wealth
    • Poverty, when the Domain struggles against economic woes
    • Ignorance, when it tries to overcome supernatural afflictions or the foolishness of a false belief.
  • Social
    • Despair, when the Domain’s citizens feel that effort is hopeless and their allies are foes.
    • Corrutpion, when the Domain’s own officials and agents become leeches on the Domain.

Each Obstacle has a Obstacle Level ranging from 3 to 10. The level of the Obstacle represents how severe the problem each obstacle presents is.

At the start of the game, it’s likely that most Locations will be neutral or independent, and will have Obstacles to interfere with aspiring conquerors. Before a Domain can seize a Location, it must defeat the Obstacle there. The players might make an adventure of it, going there to sort out the local problems and establish themselves as worthy givers of order and security, or they might send an Asset to perform the Solve an Obstacle Domain Action. Until the Obstacle has been removed, the location is effectively ungovernable even if conquered by military force and will provide no benefits to a possessor.

Current Obstacles that are known to the Party:
Northgate: Corrupt Leadership within the Council of Nobles
Silverton: The Plague


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