Solve an Obstacle

This is a Domain Action available to a Domain each Domain Turn.

The ruler can send a Military Unit, Agent, or a PC to a Location to overcome an Obstacle. The agent must make a Value Check against the Obstacle, with the precise type of the check determined by the kind of Obstacle.

The DC for the check is 8 + the level of the Obstacle.

The bonus to check is equal to the Domain’s relevant Value Modifer plus any additional bonuses granted from Traits or Abilities.

If the unit or agent is the wrong type but correct value, such as making a Merchant roll a save versus Ignorance,the level of the obstacle is doubled. If the unit or agent is both the wrong type and wrong value, such as sending a Military unit to fend off Despair, the level of the obstacle is tripled.

A player character counts has having the “type” most closely resembling their class. i.e. a Fighter would be able to make Military rolls at no penalty, a Wizard would count as being a Sage.

Any military unit can be sent to deal with an Uprising. A unit needs the Guardsman quality to deal with a Disorder, the Merchant quality to deal with Poverty, the Sage quality to deal with Ignorance, the Prophet quality to deal with Despair, and the Magistrate quality to deal with Corruption. Most such agents qualify as Support units.

On a success, the level of the Obstacle is reduced by 1d4. The Obstacle is eliminated once it reaches 0. If the check fails, the unit or agent gains a point of Disruption.

Failing to overcome certain Obstacles might produce other unpleasant consequences.

Obstacles recover if not pressed. For each Domain Turn an Obstacle is left unmolested, it regains one point of lost magnitude, back up to its original level.

Solve an Obstacle

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